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this default notice is intended to raise awareness about

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Old Raven House Care Home in Hook, Hampshire

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has failed to pay a number of overdue invoices

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despite many requests for payment

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the debt currently amounts to 415 pounds sterling and is still growing

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it therefore begs the question

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would you trust this care home to behave honourably?

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Hook care home

Default Notice Introduction:

The original website for Old Raven House Care Home was replaced by this Default Notice in January 2014 and this occurred because the business owners failed to pay an outstanding invoice that was more than 1 month overdue.

Default Notice Inspiration:

Web4orce Ltd like a lot of other Internet entrepreneurs often provide services that incur annual or one off payments amounting to less than 30 pounds sterling. In such circumstances when a client fails to pay an outstanding invoice on time it creates a dilemma that is difficult to deal with cost effectively. One of our directors John Duggan, eventually came up with the solution and appropriately it was an Internet based remedy.

Unpaid Invoices:

Are an anathema that blights the life of most small businessmen throughout the UK. Until the advent of the Default Notice in 2008 our company wrote off a lot as bad debts. Nowadays, long overdue invoices are an extremely rare event. In fact our company are so pleased with the results we are considering rolling it out nationally! In line with this the original Default Notice has recently been upgraded to feature more prominently in the major search engines.

♦ Old Raven House

♦ London Road

♦ Hook

♦ Hampshire

♦ England  RG27 9EF  UK

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Hook History

Hook town and civil parish within the Hart district of northern Hampshire, is just over 6 miles from Basingstoke. Between 2004 and 2006, Hook expanded eastwards with the development of the new Holt Park residential district.

In 2006 Hook's population was estimated at 8,200. Hook railway station has direct rail links to both London Waterloo and Southampton with indirect routes to Reading and Salisbury.

Hook Business Links:

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Hook Care Home Questions

Question:  Why has the original website been replaced?

Answer:  Quite simply because the owners of Old Raven House Care Home failed to pay outstanding invoices despite being more than 1 month overdue. Prior to this they had ignored many requests for payment by email and telephone.

Question:  Were Old Raven House's Care Home owners personally aware of this?

Answer:  Don't know but, our company emailed the home on several occasions concerning overdue invoices.

Question:  When was Old Raven House's Care Home's website originally created?

Answer:  The original website was completed prior to January 2008, which is when the first invoice was emailed.

Question:  Why does the Default Notice have a burgundy colour theme?

Answer:  This was inspired by the red mist that invariably descends when in conversation with owners of businesses concerning their long overdue debts.

Question:  What is a Default Notice particularly with regard to Old Raven House's Home?

Answer:  In this instance it is an online website replacement, referred to as a Default Notice, stating the circumstances surrounding Old Raven House's indebtedness to Web4orce Ltd.

Question:  Are Web4orce's terms and conditions prominently displayed?

Answer:  Yes they are. Our company website published in 1999 prominently displays our terms and conditions. Furthermore, all clients are allocated their own on-line accounts area and this displays a notice highlighted in red.

the debt currently amounts to 415 pounds sterling and is still growing

frontal view of the home in hook

Old Raven House Care Home in Hook, Hampshire

Question:  Is it possible to view the access page to the account's area?

Answer:  Yes, click on the About button below followed by the Links button above then click on the blue underlined link - Old Raven House's care home access link - to view Old Raven House's accounts welcome page.

Question:  Are you not concerned about Old Raven House's residents seeing this site?

Answer:  Yes we are. However, this question should really be asked of Old Raven House's owners! If they had acted in accordance with the terms and conditions, this Default Notice would not have existed.

Question:  Are you concerned the residents family & friends might view this?

Answer:  Yes we are, and we can only re-iterate our response to the previous question.

Question:  What happens if Old Raven House's fail to honour these debts?

Answer:  Our company will continue to seek a negotiated settlement with Old Raven House's owners. In the meantime, this Default Notice will remain on-line.

Question:  Why not commence court proceedings against Old Raven House's owners?

Answer:  By comparison the Default Notice is less costly to our company, it is also much less time consuming. More importantly it is extremely effective, in the past 5 years it has achieved better than 95% success rate!

Question:  Does the 95% figure include Old Raven House's?

Answer:  Yes it does but, we have every confidence that Old Raven House's will pay eventually.

the debt currently amounts to 415 pounds sterling and is still growing

has failed to pay a number of overdue invoices

bird's eye view of old raven house, hook

Question:  What is the thinking behind the last answer?

Answer:  As time progresses more of Old Raven House's creditors, staff and residents will become aware of this Default Notice which hopefully will help to resolve this matter.

has failed to pay a number of overdue invoices

it therefore begs the question

this default notice is intended to raise awareness about
Hook care home

care home in Hook

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how can home owner gillian hepworth who is an old age pensioner herself justify charging such fees?